Seven Arrows

Seven Arrows

Catemore Blend / Catimor
Origin: Portugal
Hybrid components: Timor, Caturra
This blend is a med to strong and has a bold flavor.  It is low in acidity and great on taste.  We have roasted this coffee with a commercial wood oven roast which we believe enriches the flavor of this special blend. 


Our Non Profit Side:
To learn more about the the community development work Seven Arrows supports, visit Ignite Ministry- Honduras here


Every time you purchase coffee or any other product from our farm, we will make a direct donation to Ignite Community Development Center in rural Honduras

Farm to Cup Challenge: Have you ever wanted to learn MORE about the coffee producing process, MEET the families that farm your coffee? Seven Arrows offers trips throughout the year for you to come down and experience coffee in a way that will not only enrich your knowledge about coffee, but will be an amazing chance to get to know your coffee farmer.  
Weekend Express: Wednesday -Sunday:
Get a taste of what we offer on a quick trip. You will visit a coffee farm, and coffee production process including the roasting process, afternoon of coffee cupping (coffee tasting).  You will leave Honduras with a greater understanding of the coffee production on the front end of production.  You will also be able to meet some pretty great people from producers/ farmers to others who are coming down from all over the world with a similar passion for good coffee like yourself.
We take care of everything here in Honduras- housing, food, transportation.  All you have to do is get to Honduras.
One Week Challenge: Saturday- Saturday:
If you are looking for a deeper experience then the One Week Challenge is for you. It includes everything the Weekend express trip offers and MORE.  This trip includes the opportunity to GIVE BACK through a small community service project and more time to learn more about the coffee process.  Seven Arrows will set up a small community project to work on while you are here for 1-3 days. 
We take care of everything here in Honduras- housing, food, transportation.  All you have to do is get to Honduras.
For more information about our Farm to Cup challenge please send an email to ignite.honduras@gmail.com
Want to serve our coffee in your church, workplace, cafe or restaurant?
We believe you can serve great coffee and help bring positive change to communities in Honduras.  Consider partnering with Seven Arrows and together we can make a difference.
*Wholesale pricing availible